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Auto Create gitignore in New Xcode Projects


Adds .gitignore and .gitattributes to the Xcode project templates so those
files are automatically placed into every new Cocoa Application project you generate.
You need only run the script once to install the git config files to their proper location.

The following projects are included:

Mac OS X

  • Cocoa Application
  • Cocoa Document-based Application
  • Core Data Application
  • Core Data Application with Spotlight Importer
  • Core Data Document-based Application
  • Core Data Document-based Application with Spotlight Importer


  • Navigation-based Application
  • Navigation-based Core Data
  • OpenGL ES iPhone Application
  • Split View-based Application
  • Split View-based Core Data Application
  • Tab Bar iPhone Application
  • Utility iPhone Application
  • Utility iPhone Core Data Application
  • View-based iPhone Application
  • Window-based iPhone Application
  • Window-based iPhone Core Data Application


  • OpenGL ES iPad Application
  • Tab Bar iPad Application
  • View-based iPad Application
  • Window-based iPad Application
  • Window-based iPad Core Data Application

iPhone / iPad Universal

  • Window-based Universal Application
  • Window-based Universal Core Data Application


git clone git://
cd xcodegitconfig
sudo ruby InstallXcodeProjectGitSettings.rb

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