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package main
import (
const (
PoApiUrl = ""
// send uses the Pushover API to send a push notification to my phone
// with a link to the serve image using its unique ID.
func send(t time.Time, id string) {
if len(id) == 0 {
values := url.Values{}
values.Add("token", config.PoToken)
values.Add("user", config.PoUser)
values.Add("title", "Motion detection")
values.Add("message", fmt.Sprintf("Motion detected %s", t.Format(time.ANSIC)))
values.Add("url", config.BaseLink+"?f="+id)
values.Add("url_title", "Open picture")
values.Add("sound", "gamelan")
resp, err := http.PostForm(PoApiUrl, values)
if err != nil {
log.Printf("error while sending the notification: %v", err)
if resp.StatusCode != 200 {
log.Printf("error while sending the notification: %v", resp.Status)