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Starting point to easily setup WooThemes canvas child theme
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Canvas Child Theme

What is it for?

This is a downloadable Child-theme folder for WooThemes Canvas theme. This can be used for any WordPress theme, but is specifically set for the WooThemes Canvas theme.

How do I use it?

For non-githubbers, just click the Clone in Mac button (or Clone in Windows for others) to download a .zip file that you can upload into WordPress.

Can I change it?

Yes! Its very easy. Just go to style.css and change the Theme Name and Template Name fields to match your own theme. This will point the child theme to the parent theme of your choice. You can also copy any template files from your parent theme, so your changes don't get overwritten when upgrading.

Can I contribute?

…sure. But theres nothing more to this. If you want, make your own repository with a theme of your choice. Im sure there are people who can't figure out how to make changes to the style.css file. They probobley shouldnt be using this anyways…

More information

Contact me at if you need any support! More than happy to help!

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