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Vagrant WordPress Theme Base

by Mike Green (used by Lenny B)


  1. Clone and cd into this repo
  2. Edit Vagrantfile and change theme-name to the name of your theme on line 40.
  3. Run vagrant up. Let it download the base box and provision it.
  4. Visit http://localhost:8888/ and setup WordPress. MySQL username is root, password is root, DB name is wordpress_dev
  5. Build a WordPress theme inside the theme folder.

About the Base Box

The base box for this setup is an opinionated Debian Squeeze 64bit Linux installation that comes with the following goodies:

  • PHP-FPM v5.3.20-1~dotdeb.0
  • Nginx v1.2.6
  • MySQL v5.5.29-1~dotdeb.0
  • Node.js v0.8.17
  • RVM with Ruby 1.9.3p362 installed

We use Ruby for our Thor build scripts, and Node.js to compile CoffeeScripts.

Blog post from fifthroom explaining how to use