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sbt-netbeans-plugin is a plugin for simple-build-tool that allows working with SBT projects in Netbeans IDE.

Installing the plugin

You can either add sources of the plugin to ~/.sbt/plugins or add a managed dependency to the plugin artifact (in the both cases, plugin will be globally available):

$ cd ~/.sbt/plugins/
$ xsbt
> set resolvers += ScalaToolsSnapshots
> set resolvers += "remeniuk repo" at "" 
> set libraryDependencies += "org.netbeans" %% "sbt-netbeans-plugin" % "0.1.4"
> update
> session save
> exit

Version 0.1.4 is compatible with Scala 2.9.1 and SBT 0.11.1.

Older versions of the plugin

Older versions of the plugin are available here:

Building from source

Clone sbt-netbeans-plugin:

$ git clone -n git://
$ cd sbt-netbeans-plugin

Publish to the local ivy repository:

$ xsbt publish-local

Using the plugin

By default, any command is applied only to the current project. If you want to apply it to all the projects it depends on or aggregates, transitive command should be added (e.g., netbeans create transitive applied to the root project will create Netbeans files not only for the root, but also for all the dependencies, etc.).

Create Netbeans files:

> netbeans create

,or simply:

> netbeans

Along with the Netbeans project files, netbeans-update-dependencies task is added to the project settings. This task is automatically triggered every time update is called, and checks, if Netbeans project classpath matches SBT classpath. If classpaths differ, is updated. Therefore, when you add a dependency (either managed or unmanaged), and call update, those dependencies are immediately plugged to the project and reflected in the IDE

Now, you can open SBT project in Netbeans!

Create an empty source/resource folders:

> netbeans create source-directories

Update Netbeans files with SBT project settings:

> netbeans update all


> netbeans update

If you don't want to add netbeans-update-dependencies to the project settings, you will have to trigger update of the Netbeans project properties manually. In order to update only those files that contain project classpaths, use the following command:

> netbeans update dependencies

Remove Netbeans files:

> netbeans remove


sbtExecutable (sbt-executable) - holds the name of SBT executable in your local environment (could be sbt on Linux, or sbt.bat on Windows). Default value is sbt. The setting can be modified through SBT console:

set sbtExecutable := "xsbt"  
sesion save


Special thanks for contributed ideas and help with testing to:

  • Andrew Gaydenko
  • Ali Mukadam