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Getting leads is expensive – and the slightest distraction can take them away. One-more-thing ensures visitors will be steered back to your key conversion goals – even if they have already left your site!

It works by leaving a tab behind as visitors navigate your site. Site visitors find this tab after leaving your site - and are reminded to pickup where they left off. Entice lost leads with reminders, offers, surveys, email subscriptions, or even their shopping cart - the content of this tab is yours to decide.

Standalone Mode

Use one of the code examples below. Update the options as desired. Note that "bundle-dev" can be replaced with "bundle-prod" for a leaner build that lacks console logging.

Standalone Example #1: Script tag

    // See src/modules/BatonDefaults for a full list of options
    window.baton = {recoveryUrl:'/examples/standalone/one-more-thing.html', selector:'a'};
<script src="" async="async"></script>

Standalone Example #2: Injection - Shopify Example

    if(navigator.userAgent.indexOf('MSIE') !==-1 || navigator.appVersion.indexOf('Trident/') > -1){
        return; // No love for Microsoft Internet Explorer
    ((w, d, opt) => {
        w.baton = opt;
        const scriptEl = document.createElement('script');
        scriptEl.src = opt.scriptSrc;
    })(window, document, {
        scriptSrc: '',
        selector: '[href*="pages/compare"]',
        recoveryUrl: '/pages/one-more-thing',
        recoveryContentId: 'one-more-thing'

Cloudflare (Content Delivery Network) Integration

All configuration is done via CloudFlare app. If linking to a rescue page outside that ecosystem, use one of the standalone examples above on that page.


See src/modules/BatonDefaults.js for a complete list of runtime options

Install dependencies & Running the test webserver

Install dependencies for build and a static webserver to test

npm install
npm start

You can access the test pages at: http://localhost:8080/

Serves content from: ./dist/examples


JS comes packaged in multiple versions

Development Build

See the pages in example for how to include Building with 'development' options including source maps and console logging enabled

> npm run-script build-dev

which is an alias for: > npx webpack --config

Production Build

> npm run build-prod

which is an alias for: > npx webpack --config webpack.config.js