A pretty handy page to test your responsive HTML/CSS code
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Responsive Webdesign Tester

I coded this script to test my server-side driven RWD websites back in 2011. Thousands of online alternative now exist, this script was created to work offline from my computer.

It also comes with a few nice features like change orientation & scrollbar & and navigation bar.

Online demo.


Just copy/paste this script (and its CSS file) to wherever you want. (yes mate, even there if you want...)

How to use

Just type a URL in the topbar, it reloads/updates the frame below as you type.

You can then choose between the few resolutions/devices on the top right. If you want this change to be "permanent" (aka when you hit Cmd+R or F5), click on "OK"

You can swap width/height values by clicking on "rotate"

Want to contribute?

Any contribution is always welcome.

Online alternatives