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#! /bin/bash
# Undoes what pushand_server_install does.
source "$(dirname $0)/pushand_server_variables"
if [[ -f "$real_script_new_path" ]]; then
if [[ ! -f "$real_script_path" ]]; then
echo "You don't have permission to modify $real_script_path"
# restore the original git-receive-pack script
mv $real_script_new_path $real_script_path
# get rid of the copy of our post-receive hook that we no longer need
rm $post_receive_hook_new_path
# get rid of the directory we made to backup the original git-receive-hook in
rm -r $real_script_new_dir
echo 'pushand uninstalled'
echo "$real_script_new_path doesn't exist."
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