Build scripts that can generate multiple builds and uploads them.
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	Pseudo Buildbot

Pseudo is more than the pseudo build bot she started off as, but she likes the
name she was given at birth, so celebrate her.


    Pseudo is a series of scripts meant to automate an Android build for every
    device your vendor supports. Pseudo supports uploading to remote servers
    as well!


    Pseudo is dependent upon a few, very vital things. The primary being that
    Your Android build environment is maintained in the standard (recommended
    by Google) way. Meaning you have a vendor repo with all of your custom
    build/packaging scripts, overrides, etc... Pseudo will live as a sub-
    project in your vendor repo (don't forget to add it to your vendors

    Additionally, by default, Pseudo relies on you to be using the CyanogenMod
    team squisher (found here
    and the ability to 'make bacon'. However, if you do not build using this
    system, or prefer making fastboot images (etc), the scripts can be easily
    modified to accommodate you.

    Other than that, Pseudo *should* be vendor and build independent, to the
    extent of being able to work with major manufacturers build trees.


    All you have to do to configure Pseudo to work with your vendor is to add
    it to your manifest to be cloned to vendor/YOUR_VENDOR/bot/. That's it!
    Additionally, if you want Pseudo to upload your builds to a remote server
    you must create a file named upload in Pseudo's directory and make it
    executable. Any bash script will work for it. I have left a (bad) example
    as upload_example for ideas. Everything else is completely automated,
    unlike other build bots where you have to configure what devices to build,
    set different calls (or even individual build scripts per device!).
    Pseudo uses all the information already available in the Android build

    Pseudo does have some options you can call during execution they are as
    -c = Remove your out/ to create a clean build enviornment for you to
         start off the main build with.
    -o = Essential what this does is tell Pseudo to use a different vendor's, but not break the build automation of Pseudo. This
         will most commonly be use for themers who build their themes from
         source overlays.

         EXAMPLE: ./vendor/aokp/bot/ -c -o unicorns
           will rm -rf out/ before the build, and use the vendorsetup found
           in vendor/unicorns/ instead of vendor/aokp.


    Great! That's what she's here for! I do ask though, if you find any ways of
    making her better, shoot a pull request our way.


    -Add an if override for the .build_target file so user doesn't have to
    build everything if they don't want to.

    -More debugging options (exit if anything in the builds fail, etc.).

    -Add a nightly/RC/stable toggle for the builds.

    -And more!


    Romanbb (
    -Original Author and Unicorn wrangler.

    KhasMek (
    -Kanger of original script and maker of moar betterer.