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1/ Quick installation
Replace the ext/json tree in the php sources:
tar xf php-5.#.#.tar.bz2
tar xf jsonc-1.3.#.tgz
rm -rf php-5.#.#/ext/json
mv jsonc-1.3.# php-5.#.#/ext/json
build PHP as usual.
2/ PECL installation
You need to build PHP without json extension
using the --disable-json option, then build
jsonc as every pecl extension:
tar xf jsonc-1.3.#.tgz
cd jsonc-1.3.#
./configure \
You can also use the --with-libjson option to use the system
jsonc-c library instead of the bundled copy.
3/ TEST installation
If you need to build both extensions to easily switch from one
to the others, build PHP with json extension as shared
using --enable-json=shared.
Build the pecl jsonc extension with --with-jsonc option (the
module will be renamed to
Both can be installed, but, only one can be enabled.