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Makefile Import mysql-5.1.46-1
README MySQL 5.1 is EOL for remi repo
README.mysql-docs Import mysql-5.1.46-1
README.mysql-license sync mysql 5.5.8 with rawhide mysql 5.1, clean old stuff
my.cnf Import mysql-5.1.46-1
my_config.h Import mysql-5.1.46-1
mysql-5.1.52.spec upstream spec
mysql-5.1.53.spec add upstream spec
mysql-5.1.54.spec musql upstream spec
mysql-5.1.55.spec mysql 5.1.55, upstream spec
mysql-5.1.56.spec upstream spec for mysql 5.1.56
mysql-chain-certs.patch update to mysql 5.1.48
mysql-cve-2008-7247.patch Import mysql-5.1.46-1
mysql-disable-test.patch missing patch
mysql-embedded-check.c Import mysql-5.1.46-1
mysql-errno.patch Import mysql-5.1.46-1
mysql-expired-certs.patch MySQL: add patch for missing header
mysql-install-test.patch upstream spec
mysql-missing-string-code.patch MySQL: add patch for missing header
mysql-no-docs.patch Import mysql-5.1.46-1
mysql-setschedparam.patch mysql: improved patch from f14
mysql-ssl-multilib.patch Import mysql-5.1.46-1
mysql-stack-guard.patch Import mysql-5.1.46-1
mysql-stack.patch MySQL 5.1.49
mysql-strmov.patch MySQL 5.1.54
mysql-testing.patch Import mysql-5.1.46-1
mysql.init mysql: fix usage info for init script
mysql.spec MySQL 5.1.56
scriptstub.c Import mysql-5.1.46-1

MySQL 5.1.x is no more maintained in remi repository.

See mysql55 folder

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