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GitHub Deployments CLI

Circle CI

A small Go program for creating GitHub Deployments.


You can grab the latest release here

Or if you have a working Go 1.5 environment and the GO15VENDOREXPERIMENT variable enabled:

go get -u


The first time you try to deploy, you'll be asked to authenticate with GitHub. If you're already using hub, then you'll already be authenticated.

Deploy the master branch of a repo to staging:

$ deploy --ref=master --env=staging remind101/acme-inc

An empty --ref flag can mean one of two things:

  1. If you're within a git repo, it defaults to the current branch.
  2. If you're not within a git repo, then it defaults to master.
$ deploy --env=staging remind101/acme-inc

You can default to a certain GitHub organization by setting a GITHUB_ORGANIZATION environment variable:

$ export GITHUB_ORGANIZATION=remind101
$ deploy --env=staging acme-inc

Deploy the current GitHub repo to staging:

$ deploy --env=staging

Don't have something handling your GitHub Deployment events? Try remind101/tugboat or atmos/heaven.

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