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SlashDeploy is a web app for triggering GitHub Deployments via a /deploy command in Slack.


SlashDeploy is already hosted at All you have to do is add it to your Slack team:

Add to Slack


Deploy a repository to the default environment (production):

/deploy ejholmes/acme-inc

Deploy a repository to a specific environment:

/deploy ejholmes/acme-inc to staging

Deploy a branch:

/deploy ejholmes/acme-inc@topic-branch to staging

And more at


  • Create GitHub Deployments directly from Slack.
  • Receive Slack DM's whenever GitHub Deployments change status.
  • Trigger GitHub Deployments when a set of commit statuses pass (Continuous Delivery).
  • Environment locking.


Contributions are highly welcome! If you'd like to contribute, please read