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🍬 The mobile side UI-library base on Vue.js
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Mobile side UI-library base on Vue.js

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📱 Environment Support

not polyfills

  • iOS 8+
  • Android 4.4.3+


  • Icon drawn by CSS
  • Customizable components style
  • Simple and easy to use components

📦 Installation

npm install atom-design --save
yarn add atom-design

🔨 Usage

import Vue from 'vue'
import atomD from 'atom-design'
import 'atom-design/bundle/style.css'

📝 Documentation

Please click this Documentation

❤ Support Atom-Design

You can buy a drink for us If you feel the atom-design is good to use then click this Support Atom-Design

📃 License


Copyright (c) 2019-present, Reming

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