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Minor Changes

  • Added support for Future Flags in React Router. The first flag being introduced is future.v7_normalizeFormMethod which will normalize the exposed useNavigation()/useFetcher() formMethod fields as uppercase HTTP methods to align with the fetch() behavior. (#10207)

    • When future.v7_normalizeFormMethod === false (default v6 behavior),
      • useNavigation().formMethod is lowercase
      • useFetcher().formMethod is lowercase
    • When future.v7_normalizeFormMethod === true:
      • useNavigation().formMethod is uppercase
      • useFetcher().formMethod is uppercase

Patch Changes

  • Fix createStaticHandler to also check for ErrorBoundary on routes in addition to errorElement (#10190)
  • Updated dependencies:
    • @remix-run/router@1.5.0
    • react-router@6.10.0


Minor Changes

  • React Router now supports an alternative way to define your route element and errorElement fields as React Components instead of React Elements. You can instead pass a React Component to the new Component and ErrorBoundary fields if you choose. There is no functional difference between the two, so use whichever approach you prefer 😀. You shouldn't be defining both, but if you do Component/ErrorBoundary will "win". (#10045)

    Example JSON Syntax

    // Both of these work the same:
    const elementRoutes = [{
      path: '/',
      element: <Home />,
      errorElement: <HomeError />,
    const componentRoutes = [{
      path: '/',
      Component: Home,
      ErrorBoundary: HomeError,
    function Home() { ... }
    function HomeError() { ... }

    Example JSX Syntax

    // Both of these work the same:
    const elementRoutes = createRoutesFromElements(
      <Route path='/' element={<Home />} errorElement={<HomeError /> } />
    const componentRoutes = createRoutesFromElements(
      <Route path='/' Component={Home} ErrorBoundary={HomeError} />
    function Home() { ... }
    function HomeError() { ... }
  • Introducing Lazy Route Modules! (#10045)

    In order to keep your application bundles small and support code-splitting of your routes, we've introduced a new lazy() route property. This is an async function that resolves the non-route-matching portions of your route definition (loader, action, element/Component, errorElement/ErrorBoundary, shouldRevalidate, handle).

    Lazy routes are resolved on initial load and during the loading or submitting phase of a navigation or fetcher call. You cannot lazily define route-matching properties (path, index, children) since we only execute your lazy route functions after we've matched known routes.

    Your lazy functions will typically return the result of a dynamic import.

    // In this example, we assume most folks land on the homepage so we include that
    // in our critical-path bundle, but then we lazily load modules for /a and /b so
    // they don't load until the user navigates to those routes
    let routes = createRoutesFromElements(
      <Route path="/" element={<Layout />}>
        <Route index element={<Home />} />
        <Route path="a" lazy={() => import("./a")} />
        <Route path="b" lazy={() => import("./b")} />

    Then in your lazy route modules, export the properties you want defined for the route:

    export async function loader({ request }) {
      let data = await fetchData(request);
      return json(data);
    // Export a `Component` directly instead of needing to create a React Element from it
    export function Component() {
      let data = useLoaderData();
      return (
          <h1>You made it!</h1>
    // Export an `ErrorBoundary` directly instead of needing to create a React Element from it
    export function ErrorBoundary() {
      let error = useRouteError();
      return isRouteErrorResponse(error) ? (
          {error.status} {error.statusText}
      ) : (
        <h1>{error.message || error}</h1>

    An example of this in action can be found in the examples/lazy-loading-router-provider directory of the repository.

    🙌 Huge thanks to @rossipedia for the Initial Proposal and POC Implementation.

  • Updated dependencies:

    • react-router@6.9.0
    • @remix-run/router@1.4.0


Patch Changes

  • Treat same-origin absolute URLs in <Link to> as external if they are outside of the router basename (#10135)
  • Fix useBlocker to return IDLE_BLOCKER during SSR (#10046)
  • Fix SSR of absolute <Link to> urls (#10112)
  • Properly escape HTML characters in StaticRouterProvider serialized hydration data (#10068)
  • Updated dependencies:
    • @remix-run/router@1.3.3
    • react-router@6.8.2


Patch Changes

  • Improved absolute url detection in Link component (now also supports mailto: urls) (#9994)
  • Fix partial object (search or hash only) pathnames losing current path value (#10029)
  • Updated dependencies:
    • react-router@6.8.1
    • @remix-run/router@1.3.2


Minor Changes

  • Support absolute URLs in <Link to>. If the URL is for the current origin, it will still do a client-side navigation. If the URL is for a different origin then it will do a fresh document request for the new origin. (#9900)

    <Link to="">    {/* Document request */}
    <Link to="//">          {/* Document request */}
    <Link to=""> {/* Client-side navigation */}

Patch Changes

  • Fix bug with search params removal via useSearchParams (#9969)
  • Respect preventScrollReset on <fetcher.Form> (#9963)
  • Fix navigation for hash routers on manual URL changes (#9980)
  • Use pagehide instead of beforeunload for <ScrollRestoration>. This has better cross-browser support, specifically on Mobile Safari. (#9945)
  • Updated dependencies:
    • @remix-run/router@1.3.1
    • react-router@6.8.0


Minor Changes

  • Add unstable_useBlocker hook for blocking navigations within the app's location origin (#9709)
  • Add unstable_usePrompt hook for blocking navigations within the app's location origin (#9932)
  • Add preventScrollReset prop to <Form> (#9886)

Patch Changes

  • Added pass-through event listener options argument to useBeforeUnload (#9709)
  • Streamline jsdom bug workaround in tests (#9824)
  • Updated dependencies:
    • @remix-run/router@1.3.0
    • react-router@6.7.0


Patch Changes

  • Ensure useId consistency during SSR (#9805)
  • Updated dependencies:
    • react-router@6.6.2


Patch Changes

  • Updated dependencies:
    • @remix-run/router@1.2.1
    • react-router@6.6.1


Minor Changes

  • Add useBeforeUnload() hook (#9664)
  • Remove unstable_ prefix from createStaticHandler/createStaticRouter/StaticRouterProvider (#9738)

Patch Changes

  • Proper hydration of Error objects from StaticRouterProvider (#9664)
  • Support uppercase <Form method> and useSubmit method values (#9664)
  • Skip initial scroll restoration for SSR apps with hydrationData (#9664)
  • Fix <button formmethod> form submission overriddes (#9664)
  • Updated dependencies:
    • @remix-run/router@1.2.0
    • react-router@6.6.0


Patch Changes

  • Updated dependencies:
    • react-router@6.5.0
    • @remix-run/router@1.1.0


Patch Changes

  • Updated dependencies:
    • @remix-run/router@1.0.5
    • react-router@6.4.5


Patch Changes

  • Fix issues with encoded characters in NavLink and descendant <Routes> (#9589, #9647)
  • Properly serialize/deserialize ErrorResponse instances when using built-in hydration (#9593)
  • Support basename in static data routers (#9591)
  • Updated dependencies:
    • @remix-run/router@1.0.4
    • react-router@6.4.4


Patch Changes

  • Fix hrefs generated for createHashRouter (#9409)
  • fix encoding/matching issues with special chars (#9477, #9496)
  • Properly support index routes with a path in useResolvedPath (#9486)
  • Respect relative=path prop on NavLink (#9453)
  • Fix NavLink behavior for root urls (#9497)
  • Updated dependencies:
    • @remix-run/router@1.0.3
    • react-router@6.4.3


Patch Changes

  • Respect basename in useFormAction (#9352)
  • Enhance console error messages for invalid usage of data router hooks (#9311)
  • If an index route has children, it will result in a runtime error. We have strengthened our RouteObject/RouteProps types to surface the error in TypeScript. (#9366)
  • Updated dependencies:
    • react-router@6.4.2
    • @remix-run/router@1.0.2


Patch Changes

  • Updated dependencies:
    • react-router@6.4.1
    • @remix-run/router@1.0.1


Whoa this is a big one! 6.4.0 brings all the data loading and mutation APIs over from Remix. Here's a quick high level overview, but it's recommended you go check out the docs, especially the feature overview and the tutorial.

New APIs

  • Create your router with createMemoryRouter/createBrowserRouter/createHashRouter
  • Render your router with <RouterProvider>
  • Load data with a Route loader and mutate with a Route action
  • Handle errors with Route errorElement
  • Submit data with the new <Form> component
  • Perform in-page data loads and mutations with useFetcher()
  • Defer non-critical data with defer and Await
  • Manage scroll position with <ScrollRestoration>

New Features

  • Perform path-relative navigations with <Link relative="path"> (#9160)

Bug Fixes

  • Path resolution is now trailing slash agnostic (#8861)
  • useLocation returns the scoped location inside a <Routes location> component (#9094)
  • respect the <Link replace> prop if it is defined (#8779)

Updated Dependencies

  • react-router@6.4.0