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PNG and JPEG decoder / parser / renderer in pure micropython


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PNG and JPEG decoder / parser / renderer in pure micropython. Decodes PNG and JPEG files/byte buffers and outputs pixel colors

Why pure micropython and not C module?

At the time of developing this project I did not know about dynamic native modules in micropython.

PNG decoder

Written from scratch, highly optimized for speed, supports all bit depth/color modes, supports all critical PNG chunks, 1 background-color based transparency, multi-part IDAT chunks, does not support Adam7 interlacing. The main memory bottleneck is in zlib-decompression part. For some reason uzlib.DecompIO doesn't work as expected, so this library instead extracts all IDAT chunks and decompresses them with regular uzlib.decompress, which consumes more memory.

JPG decoder

Ported from python2 enmasse/jpeg_read and optimized a little bit to work on 80kb of free RAM. It's still much slower than PNG decoder and requires much more RAM to decode. Image dimensions affect the amount of required RAM. Why port this old decoder when there are many new ones? I tried a few of them, and looks like they were tested on 1 image and can't even handle images like this one. Is it possible to create a more optimized decoder? Probably, yes.


from PNGdecoder import png 
from JPEGdecoder import jpeg
png('image.png', callback=lcd.drawPixel).render(0, 0)
jpeg('image.jpg', callback=lcd.drawPixel).render(32, 32)

png / jpeg function parameters


source - file path or bytes object of the source image
callback - function, that will be called to output every pixel color in 0xRRGGBB at coordinates x and y callback(x, y, color)


cache - bool, if true, stores decoder output in RAM cache to re-render the image quickly
quality - [JPEG ONLY] int (1-8), output image quality, affects processing speed
fastalpha - [PNG ONLY] bool, if True, only detects 100% transparent colors to not render them
bg - [PNG ONLY] (R, G, B) tuple with values from 0 to 255 with the background color for PNG transparency calculation when fastalpha is False

png/jpeg function works as a constructor and returns a ~Renderer class isntance

~Renderer class

file - input file, from source argument
getMeta() - function, returns width, height, bit depth (and color mode, only for PNG)
render(x,y [,placeholder, phcolor]) - function, starts decoding and rendering process. JPG renderer can be called only once per instance, if caching is not used, due to memory-optimized rendering process. PNG renderer can be used multiple times. x, y - offset coordinates. placeholder - function that draws something before decoding process, placeholder(x, y, width, height, color), phcolor - color that will be used in placeholder function call. Render function returns same renderer class instance.
checkAndRender([w, h, wxh]) - function, checks if width or height of the image or their product are less than specified ones, then renders the image, supports all parameters for render function


Official PNG specification
Maximising MicroPython Speed
PNG Test Suite
Writing a PNG decoder
Official JPEG specification


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