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A Minecraft version mananger. In Node. Deal with it.

Please note this is early, messy and simple. Please see the Todos issue for planned things.


[sudo] npm install -g mvm


mvm install <version> -- Downloads the version specified, and copies it to the Minecraft bin directory.

mvm use <version> -- Will use an already-downloaded version and copy it to the Minecraft bin directory.

mvm list -- Lists all currently installed versions.

mvm stash -- Stashes the current .jar with a custom name. This is useful for storing and restoring of modded jars quickly.


This module is pretty messy, as I mainly wanted it to install new Minecraft "snapshots" (pre-releases) easily without having to copy/paste files all over the place. This will store downloaded copies in [path to .minecraft]/mvm_bins, and allow you to quickly switch between them. Feature requests are welcome!

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