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// Location of the Git binary
$GIT = "/usr/local/git/bin/git";
// Base URL of the wigit instalation. This will be prepended to all links
// to internal files.
$BASE_URL = "/wigit";
// The script to which all requests should be passed. The default is
// $BASE_URL/index.php?r= , which should work on all installations. If you
// want to use pretty URLs, set this to $BASE_URL. (see README)
$SCRIPT_URL = "$BASE_URL/index.php?r=";
// Title of the wiki
$TITLE = "WiGit";
// Home page. This page is linked in the navigation bar, and is the default
// page that will be opened.
// Dir that contains the data files (i.e. the Git repository). This directory
// must be writable by the web server.
$DATA_DIR = "data";
// The default author of the git commits.
$DEFAULT_AUTHOR = 'Anonymous <anonymous@wigit>';
// Set the mappings from HTTP username to Git commit author.
$AUTHORS = array(
"remko" => "Remko Tronçon <>",
"guest" => "Guest <>"
// Set the name of the theme to be used
$THEME = "default";