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This package contains the sources of the code examples used in the book
"XMPP: The Definitive Guide" ( ).
These examples can be used and modified at will, without requesting our
These code samples serve illustrative purposes for the book only, so they
cannot be considered stable or usable in production. Making this code
robust is also not our primary goal, since that would require a lot of code
that would only distract from the point we want to show. That said, we
welcome bugreports or bug fixes for these code samples.
We refer to the README files in the code dirs for more information about usage
and/or caveats of the code.
You can obtain the latest version of this package from the Git repository
at (which is mirrored on
GitHub at )
Since SleekXMPP is constantly progressing, the examples may not work with
more recent versions of the library. However, the SleekXMPP project is
maintaining a Wiki page with an updated set of examples, modified to work
with the latest version of SleekXMPP. You can find the updated set of examples
Peter Saint-Andre (
Kevin Smith (
Remko Tronçon (
(the authors)
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