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Picocli 2.0.3

The picocli community is pleased to announce picocli 2.0.3.

This is a bugfix release that fixes a parser bug where the first argument following a clustered options was treated as a positional parameter.

Picocli 2.0 accidentally introduced a transitive required dependency on groovy-lang. This is not desirable: Java applications using picocli don’t need this dependency.

Groovy scripts using the @PicocliScript annotation also don’t need this dependency because the Groovy runtime provides it. The picocli 2.0.3 release makes groovy-lang a compile-only dependency so it doesn’t appear in the POM.

This release also includes a minor enhancement to support embedded newlines in usage help sections like header or descriptions. This allows Groovy applications to use triple-quoted and dollar slashy multi-line strings in usage help sections.

This is the fifteenth public release.
Picocli follows semantic versioning.

Table of Contents

New and noteworthy

This is a bugfix release and does not include any new features.

Promoted features

Promoted features are features that were incubating in previous versions of picocli but are now supported and subject to backwards compatibility.

No features have been promoted in this picocli release.

Fixed issues

  • [#230] Enhancement: Support embedded newlines in usage help sections like header or descriptions. Thanks to ddimtirov.
  • [#233] Bugfix: Parser bug: first argument following clustered options is treated as a positional parameter. Thanks to mgrossmann.
  • [#232] Bugfix: Remove required runtime dependency on groovy-lang. Thanks to aadrian.


This release does not deprecate any features.

Potential breaking changes

This release does not include any breaking features.