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remkop #500 Add picocli annotation processor
* add separate module picocli-annotation-processing-tests for testing ( requires Java 8)
* (API) add ITypeInfo that encapsulated type information available at both runtime and compile time
* add RuntimeTypeInfo implementation used at runtime (reflection)
* (API) add IAnnotatedElement as public API for method and fields annotated with any picocli annotation
* internal class TypedMember now implements IAnnotatedElement
* (API) CommandSpec.resourceBundleBaseName() getter and setter
* (API) Messages.resourceBundleBaseName() getter
* (API) ArgSpec.userObject() getter
* (API) made MethodParam public
* IGetter/ISetter implementations now have informative toString() methods
* removed internal class ArgsReflection
Latest commit e8e1b44 Jan 30, 2019
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