The code generation logic for RemObjects Remoting SDK.
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Remoting SDK CodeGen

This is the code generation logic for RemObjects Remoting SDK. It is based on our open source CodeGen4 code generator.

Platform support:

ROCodeGen can be used on (i.e. linked into tools written for) the following platforms:

  • .NET, Cocoa and Java, via the Elements compiler

ROCodeGen can be used to generate code for the following platforms:

  • Cocoa (Objective-C, Apple Swift, Oxygene, Silver/Swift, RemObjects C#)
  • Java (Java language, Oxygene, Silver/Swift, RemObjects C#)
  • Delphi (Delphi Language, C++Builder)

It does not (yet) fully support:

  • .NET (Server Access only; the rest of .NET codegen still uses CodeDom for now)
  • JavaScript
  • PHP