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uschuster and carlokok Fix for #183 (#184)
* Fix for #180 (#180)

- enables VarArrayGet/-Set for Delphi 6 or higher
- since D5 VarArrayGet seems not to be accessible the best solution is to negate $IFNDEF DELPHI6UP into $IFDEF DELPHI6UP

* Fix for #73 (#73)

Added an InputQuery wrapper because Delphi XE2 and higher have two additional versions of InputQuery, the pointer points to the wrong version and the execution fails with "Length of value array must be >= length of prompt array"

* Fix for #183 (#183)

Added a wrapper for TStringStream.Create(const AString: string) because Unicode Delphi has multiple constructors and the pointer points to the wrong overload
Latest commit 9c266bc Sep 27, 2018


arm EABI/EABIHF port of pascalscript.

    * Implement aligned passing of 64-bit parameters for EABI/EABIHF.
    * Implement passing of floating point parameters in vfp registers for EABIHF
    * Rewrite return value handling to avoid passing pointers to unsafe stack
    * Use constref on parameters to assembler to ensure passing by reference

    * Only lightly tested, far more testing needed.
    * Only EABIHF has been tested so far
    * Handling of floating point return types needs implementing for old abi
      FPA (the usual variant of old ABI).
    * String return code looks dubious, may leak memory. Testing needed.
    * Dynamic array return code was not reimplemented in the new return
      value handling. The old code doesn't look like it ever worked.