Simple way to search defined fields in your Storage
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Search Package for Laravel 5

Install With Composer

"require": {
    "remoblaser/search": "^0.3.0"

Configure the app

Add the service provider to config/app.php.

'providers' => array(

Register the alias in the app/config/app.php file.

'aliases' => array(
    'Search' => 'Remoblaser\Search\Facades\Search'

Publish the configuration

php artisan vendor:publish


After publishing the config, you will find a config file under app/packages/remoblaser/search/config.php, bind your Models to a key here, if you have a Posts table for example, add it here:

return array(
    'users' => 'User',
    'posts' => 'My\Sample\Namespace\Post'

Afterwards you have to implement the SearchableTrait in your Model and define the Fields which you would like to search. In this example i would like to search through the titles and the bodies.

<?php namespace My\Sample\Namespace;

use Remoblaser\Search\SearchableTrait;

class Post extends \Eloquent{
    use SearchableTrait;

    protected $searchFields = ['title', 'body'];

Now you can Search through your Tables from anywhere in your application by using the Search Facade, followed by the binding key.


Or you could search all registered Tables for the Keyword.


Feel free to make pull requests, this is my first laravel package so im sure i did things badly