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Useful shell (python) scripts for managing proxmox virtual environment.
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Remo Fritzsche authored

Proxmox utils

A simple python-based utility for handling KVM machines on Proxmox 2.x systems. Since I did this at work, I could not spend much time on documenting it. However, as soon as I find time for it, I'll add some more lines of documentation here.

Feel free to fork and improve this project!


  • Install setuptools

    aptitude install python-setuptools
  • Get source

    git clone git://
  • Install

    cd proxmox-utils
    python build
    sudo python install


./kvm-clone <from-id> <to-id>

  This clones a KVM machine (NOTE: not a template) from one id to the other. If the source
  machine is currently running, the script will automatically suspend it and resume it again
  after the machine has been copied. To the end of the script, it gives you the possibility to
  edit the configuration file for the target machine. In any case, this has to be done in order
  to adapt the image paths contained in the configuration files.

./kvm-remove <machine-id>

  This fully removes a KVM machine and it's configuration. You can also delete such a machine
  directly via the Proxmox Web Interface, however a few files will be left out by Proxmox.

./kvm-create-template <machine-id> <template-name>

  Creates a new template from an installed KVM machine with <machine-id>. Make sure to
  edit the generated template configuration file (especially name, comment and image file


  Lists the available template names.

./kvm-activate-template <template-name> <to-id>

  This copies over an existing template to a machine of a certain ID.
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