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// +build !android
package prettytest
import (
gocheck ""
// Check wraps gocheck.Check method.
// It verifies if the first value matches with the expected value.
// What matching means is defined by the provided checker. In case
// they do not match, an error will be logged, the test will be marked
// as failed, and the test execution will continue. Some checkers may
// not need the expected argument (e.g. IsNil). In either case, any
// extra arguments provided to the function will be logged next to the
// reported problem when the matching fails. This is a handy way to
// provide problem-specific hints. (taken from gocheck doc)
func (s *Suite) Check(obtained interface{}, checker gocheck.Checker, args ...interface{}) *Assertion {
assertion := s.setup("", []string{})
checkerInfo := checker.Info()
params := make([]interface{}, len(args)+1)
params[0] = obtained
copy(params[1:], args)
result, _ := checker.Check(params, []string{})
if !result {
errorMsg := fmt.Sprintf("%s checker failed: ", checkerInfo.Name)
for i, param := range checkerInfo.Params {
errorMsg += fmt.Sprintf("%s %v ", param, params[i])
assertion.ErrorMessage = errorMsg
} else {
assertion.Passed = true
return assertion
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