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Boilerplate Visual Studio Code TypeScript project.

Please visit to learn more about this template.

Note: The article uses TypeScript 1.8 and typings but this repository has been upgraded to TypeScript 2.0 and @types type definitions.

How to use this template?

1) Download .zip and unzip it:

$ wget
$ unzip

2) Install dependencies and their type definitions:

Note: Before running the following commands, make sure you have Node.js installed and that you have installed gulp a global package:

$ npm -g install gulp
$ cd ts-vscode-boilerplate
$ npm install

3) Open in VS Code

4) Use Shift + Command + p to open command panel and type "run task":

5) Select "run task" to see available gulp tasks:

6) Use Shift + Command + = and select "Start":

7) Enjoy real-time tests results powered by Wallaby.js:

8) Enjoy coding with TypeScript!

Please send a PR! If you know how to make this template better.