Docker DCA (Docker Certified Associate) exam preparation guide
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Docker Certified Associate (DCA) exam study guide

Docker has become very popular over the last few years, unfortunately Docker only have official training did not have a certification track. Luckily for us this has changed last DockerCon EU 2017, during DockerCon you could be along the first people that could take the exam and get Docker certified.

Things you might need to know;

  • This is a unofficial Docker Certified Associate exam preparation guide, and is not related in any way to Docker Inc!
  • Don't expect any real exam answers or something like TestKings or anything similar, you need to learn it yourself ;-) maybe with help of this guide.

About the exam;

The exam (according to the Docker website) consist of 55 multiple choice questions exam that you need to finish in 80 minutes. Exam cost are about €175 or for friends in the US it's $195.

On strange thing about taking the exam is that it's remotely proctored, so you don't go to a exam center to take the exam but you could do it from home. However it's only supported on a Mac or Windows machine, Linux is not supported.
Also make sure you have Google Chrome installed and be able to install the plugin that they use to monitor you remotely and of course you need to have a webcam so they can see you ;-).

However once you completed the exam, you will get/see the results directly!

What topics do I need to know

There are 6 different topics that you need to know.