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UI designing is hard.


Material Palette Sketch Library

This library contains all colours from Google's Material Design Guidlines in form of symbols, which allows you to use it across all your projects.

If you are not familiar with Sketch Libraries feature yet, I'd strongly recomment to check out this amazing video by Pablo Stanley.

Why not plugins?

With colours as Symbols, you can create all types of reusable elements with customizable colors, backgrounds etc. Check out this awesome post by Steve Stone to learn advanced techniques using Symbols overrides feature.


  1. You need to have Sketch 47+
  2. Open this file and go to File > Add Library...
  3. That's it, you're all set, now you can use it across all your designs: Insert > ra-design-material-palette > color > choose one

sketch screenshot

Enjoy :)

Material Icons Sketch Library

All 960 Material design icons with 24x24 canvas size and interchangable colors (using Material Palette Sketch Library).

sketch screenshot

Material templates

Pages presets for quick project start. Desktop screen sizes are based on material-ui library and mobile screen sizes based on android and iPhone stats.

sketch screenshot sketch screenshot

Material UI Sketch Library

under development