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Transferring Devices to another account

You can transfer one or more Devices to another user's account.

You'll need to create a contact with the recipient's e-mail address.

Select the Devices you wish to transfer in Devices View by selecting the checkbox in the leftmost column

From the "ACTIONS" menu, select "Transfer Device".

The Contact Picker will display.

1) Use the "Pick" button to select a single contact to receive the selected Devices.

2) Select the checkbox to confirm transfer of the selected device(s).

3) Click on the "Transfer" button.

The Transfer recipient will receive an e-mail at their account e-mail address. This e-mail contains a transfer invitation link that they must click on to accept the transfer. The transfer invitation link is valid for 72 hours. After the Transfer recipient accepts the transfer invitation, the selected Devices will move from your account to the recipient's account.

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