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import socket
import threading
import struct
import logging
class RemoteMeDataWriter:
def __init__(self):
self.__logger = logging.getLogger('remoteMe.RemoteMeData')
def writeInt8(self,value):
def writeUInt8(self, value):
data = bytearray(struct.calcsize(">b"))
struct.pack_into(">B", data, 0, value)
def writeInt16(self, value):
data = bytearray(struct.calcsize(">h"))
struct.pack_into(">h", data, 0, value)
def writeUInt16(self, value):
data = bytearray(struct.calcsize(">H"))
struct.pack_into(">H", data, 0, value)
def writeInt32(self, value):
data = bytearray(struct.calcsize(">i"))
struct.pack_into(">i", data, 0, value)
def writeUInt32(self, value):
data = bytearray(struct.calcsize(">I"))
struct.pack_into(">I", data, 0, value)
def writeString(self, value):
data = value.encode("utf-8")
def writeDouble(self, value):
data = bytearray(struct.calcsize(">d"))
struct.pack_into(">d", data, 0, value)
def writeData(self, data):
def getBytes(self):
def getBytesAsHexString(self):
return "".join("%02x " % b for b in
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