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Cloud Sidekick Cato Task Engine


The Cato automation toolkit consists of 3 major components: webserver, 
database and task engine. This document covers the Task Engine component.  

The Cato Task Engine serves as the main processing engine of Cato and 
includes 4 services:

cato_poller	- Polls the MySQL database looking for Tasks to run
cato_scheduler	- Schedules Tasks for the future
cato_messenger	- Sends email messages
cato_ecosync	- Adds and removes Ecosystem objects, syncing them with the 
		  cloud provider

This document will cover the Cato services build process. Once the build is 
complete, see the INSTALl document in the services directory.

Repository and Download

Bug and Feature Requests


Third party open source packages required for build:

Tcl >= 8.5

See the build instructions below for details on these components.


The following build instructions document the build process assuming Debian 
Linux. Other flavors of linux will be covered as well in the future. 

1. Download and install third party packages. 

Use the following command to download the required third party packages. 

On Debian / Ubuntu:

   sudo apt-get update
   sudo apt-get install tcl8.5 tcl8.5-dev 

If make and gcc is not installed, download and install

   sudo apt-get install make
   sudo apt-get install gcc g++

2. Download, build and install TclOO.

NOTE: If Tcl version 8.6 or higher being used for the tcl runtime, SKIP THIS 
STEP. TclOO is part of the 8.6 distribution. 

If using Tcl 8.5, the TclOO (Object-Oriented Tcl) package must be compiled 
and installed. First download TclOO and proceed with the following steps.

NOTE: you may need to refer to the TclOO README.txt for further build help.   
Change the configure --with-tcl argument to the tcl8.5 library directory as needed.

   cd /tmp
   tar -zxvf TclOO0.6.tar.gz
   cd TclOO0.6
   ./configure --with-tcl=/usr/lib/tcl8.5 --prefix=/usr
   sudo make install

3. Build the catocrypt shared library.

Go to the catocrypt library and edit the Makefile. Notice the 
first few lines. Change TCL_* lines to match the appropriate locations
and version of tcl installed. 

   cd <cato-source-directory>/services/src/catocrypt

NOTE: The default locations are appropriate  for the standard 
Debian / Ubuntu package install. 

   vi Makefile

Lastly run make.


The resulting shared library will be located in the lib/catocrypt 
directory under the source root.

TODO: create TEA-based configure / Makefiles


It is recommended if you are planning on installing the web component of the Cato 
application that you build it as well before performing the final application install.

Refer to the INSTALL file in source base directory immediately below services.