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Objective-C Category for a custom UIButton with curled corners and shadow
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What are these categories for?

While building a kids math game for iOS, I needed a custom UIButton that would make the user's profile picture look like a bordered photo that was naturally taped or paperclipped to the notebook.


Using the library

You'll need to import the CurledViewBase and either UIButton+Curled or UIImageView+Curled files into your project:

To use it:

// instantiate your UIButton or UIImageView (outlet or programatically, doesn't matter)
// if UIButton, specify the UIControlState
[photoButton setImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@"raptor_face.png"] borderWidth:5.0 shadowDepth:10.0 controlPointXOffset:30.0 controlPointYOffset:70.0 forState:UIControlStateNormal];

That's it! Feel free to fork and add pull requests so we can incorporate your changes for everyone.

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