REMP - Reader's engagement and monetization platform. Set of open-source tools for publishers to engage with their audience. Repository is public mirror of our internal private repo.
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See separate documentations of each app:


1. Pre-building binaries of Go apps

There's a need for pre-building binaries of Go apps before you can run Docker compose. You don't need Go environment to have set up, but you need Docker to build docker-ready tarballs properly.

make docker-build

2. Docker-compose

We've prepared docker-compose.yml in a way it's ready for development.

docker-compose up

The appliance was tested with Docker CE 17.12.0 and Docker Compose 1.16.1.

3. First run

If some of the application doesn't have .env file, docker will assume it's not installed and it will automatically proceed with all required steps to install project. It will:

  • create .env file,
  • install all the dependencies (composer & yarn),
  • prepare the DB structure and insert demo data.

You can see what is installed in Docker/php/

4. Override services & enviroment settings

Feel free to override/add services via docker-compose.override.yml.

This is an excerpt of override we use. It handles proper connection of XDebug to host machine, exposing services running outside of this appliance (such as our internal CRM) and caching of yarn/composer packages.

We highly recommend to place the yarn/composer cache volumes to all PHP-based services, but only after the first run. Otherwise the installation of project would be downloading the packages simultaneously and would be overriding stored packages in cache. This would cause an error.

version: "3"

      XDEBUG_CONFIG: "remote_host="
      - ""
      - "/home/developer/.cache/composer:/composer:rw"
      - "/home/developer/.cache/yarn:/yarn:rw"

      - ".:/data"

You can also override enviroment variables in .env file of each project. After first run this file contains default values (copy of .env.example).

5. Hosts

Application exposes all services via Nginx container. Following is list of available hosts. We advise you to add them to your /etc/hosts:

# CAMPAIGN # web administration

# MAILER # web administration

# BEAM # web administration # event tracker API; swagger @ # segments API; swagger @

# SSO # web administration and API

# SERVICE APPS # adminer for manipulating with MySQL # mailhog for catching and debugging sent emails # grafana for manipulating with InfluxDB and displaying charts

Note: If you use Docker Toolbox, the IP won't be Use docker-machine ls to get IP address of the machine.

Manual installation

Please use docker-compose.yml and configuration/scripts within Docker folder as a reference for manual installation of each service.

Steps to install dependencies of each project are part of README file for that particular service.

Be aware of .env.example files across projects. These need to be copied to .env and configured based on your configuration.

Docker Compose

If you're unfamiliar with docker-compose, try running docker-compose --help as a starter. Each of the subcommands of Docker also supports its own --help switch. Feel free to explore it.

Couple of neat commands:

  • docker-compose down to remove all containers, networks and volumes created by docker-compose
  • docker-compose ps to list all services with their status
  • docker-compose logs to read services logs
  • docker-compose build to force rebuild of images
  • docker-compose exec campaign /bin/bash to connect to campaign container
  • docker images to list all available docker images

PHP Debugging

Docker compose and custom images are pre-installed with XDebug and pre-configured for PHPStorm debugger. All you need to do is set folder mapping within your IDE for each debuggable host.

Error tracking

All PHP applications are preconfigured to use Airbrake error tracking - see .env.example for configuration options.

We recommend to use self-hosted Errbit instance as it's compatible with Airbrake APIs and completely open-source.

Known issues

  • PHP images are coming with preinstalled and always-on XDebug. We made the always-on choise for easier debugging and availability to debug also console scripts. However if it can't connect to the host machine, it slows down the request because it waits for connection timeout. Therefore is very important to have proper XDEBUG_CONFIG variables configured in your docker-compose.override.yml.

  • Windows is pushing scripts to Docker with CRLF new lines which is causing issues described in this blog. Clone your repository with extra --config core.autocrlf=input parameter and set your IDE to save files with LF line endings.

  • Telegraf gets stuck if requested topic doesn't exist yet. This has been reported and "hacked" with dockerize, custom topic creation and waits. This is not 100% bulletproof and will be fixed when Telegraf 1.4 is released.

  • If you're using Docker Toolbox with VirtualBox and your workspace is outside your $HOME folder, you need to add shared folder to your appliance so the Docker containers are able to work with shared volumes properly.

    VBoxManage.exe sharedfolder add default --automount --name 'd/gospace' --hostpath '\\?\d:\gospace'
    VBoxManage.exe sharedfolder add default --automount --name 'cygdrive/d/gospace' --hostpath '\\?\d:\gospace'

    The first command has to be run always. The second needs to be used only when you want to use CygWin instead of default MinGW.