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Video Buzzer

This is a couch gaming system for television shows. It is a video player (that you should display on your TV) that allows players to buzz from their smartphone, which pauses the video.


The workflow is as follow:

  • Navigate to the application on your smart TV (or a computer hooked to the TV)
  • Load a local video file
  • Each player enters the displayed link into their smartphone, then their name when prompted. They now see a buzzer button
  • Play the video file. During the show, players can buzz, which displays their name on the TV and pauses the video so they can give their answer
  • The video file resumes and the player finds out if they were right

Note that:

  • If the answer given is incorrect, there is no possibility for an other player to give another (because the recorded show will state the correct answer)
  • This requires players to be in the same room, the video is not streamed to each device, just played on the "host" device (TV)
  • This works with any recorded game show, so long as it is not too interactive (because the recording won't respond to your actions)


  • Can play a video file
  • Can join a game and buzz
  • Buzzing stops the video, displays name of player
  • Allow full-screening video, make buzzer big
  • Make interface pretty and user-friendly

How to run

You can use the app by going to

If you want to deploy it for yourself, build it using cargo build --release (you will need the Rust compiler). This will make an executable target/release/video-buzzer which you can run on your server.

To run the app in development mode, you can use cargo run (you will need the Rust compiler). In this mode, the HTML/CSS files are served from disk, allowing you to test changes without rebuilding. If you have cargo-watch installed, you can use cargo watch -w src -x run to have the server rebuild and restart when you change the Rust sources.


Couch gaming system for television shows. Buzz from your smartphone to pause the TV!