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Remult CRM demo

See it working at:

What is CRM demo?

CRM demo is a full-stack simple CRM using Remult CRUD framework as a core to demonstrating real app full Backend and Frontend App.


  1. clone git repository, install node modules:
git clone
cd crm-demo
npm install
  1. Run crm-demo app:
npm run dev

You can now view crm-demo in the browser:http://localhost:5173


There are some script commands to start:

you can see scripts in package.json file include: start, build, test, eject and dev

  1. To run the dev server API and Web client:
npm run dev

Note that the development build is not optimized. To create a production build.

  1. To build crm-demo app:
npm run build
  1. To start server
npm run start
  1. Exploring source code dig indead into remult CRUD framework and CRM-demo.


CRM-demo is MIT Licensed.