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FreeCodeCamp- Information Security and Quality Assurance

  1. SET NODE_ENV to test without quotes
  2. Most logic will need done in controllers/convertHandler.js but do complete routes/api.js
  3. You will add any security features to server.js
  4. You will create all of the functional/unit tests in tests/2_functional-tests.js and tests/1_unit-tests.js

User Stories

[X]I will help prevent the client from trying to guess(sniff) the MIME type. [X]I will prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. [X]I can GET /api/convert with a single parameter containing an accepted number and unit and have it converted. [X]Hint: Split the input by looking for the index of the first character. [X]I can convert 'gal' to 'L' and vice versa. (1 gal to 3.78541 L) [X]I can convert 'lbs' to 'kg' and vice versa. (1 lbs to 0.453592 kg) [X]I can convert 'mi' to 'km' and vice versa. (1 mi to 1.60934 km) [X]If my unit of measurement is invalid, returned will be 'invalid unit'. [X]If my number is invalid, returned with will 'invalid number'. [X]If both are invalid, return will be 'invalid number and unit'. [X]I can use fractions, decimals or both in my parameter(ie. 5, 1/2, 2.5/6), but if nothing is provided it will default to 1. [X]My return will consist of the initNum, initUnit, returnNum, returnUnit, and string spelling out units in format {initNum} {initial_Units} converts to {returnNum} {return_Units} with the result rounded to 5 decimals. [X]All 16 unit tests are complete and passing. [X]All 5 functional tests are complete and passing.

Example usage: /api/convert?input=4gal /api/convert?input=1/2km /api/convert?input=5.4/3lbs /api/convert?input=kg

Example return: { [ ]initNum: 3.1, [ ]initUnit: 'mi', [ ]returnNum: 5.0000008, [ ]returnUnit: 'km', [ ]string: '3.1 miles converts to 5.00002 kilometers' }

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