Clojure development library for Android devices
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A library/framework for building Android applications using Clojure.

WARNING: experimental, slow and incomplete!


This framework depends on the Android SDK and a fork of the Clojure
core which works around some incompatibilities of Dalvik.  You can find
it at:

Use one of the dalvik branches (1.0.x-dalvik etc.).

Setup a file in the root directory of the clj-android
project to provide the following properties:

* sdk-location
* clojure-location

The point to the directories containing resp. the Android SDK and the
clojure fork as mentioned above.  Don't forget to build clojure.jar in
the latter.

Make sure you have the 1.5 Android SDK installed;

  android update sdk


You can find examples in the "examples" directory.  To build the
examples first run "ant" in the toplevel directory, start the Android
emulator and run "ant install" in one of the example directories.

Known issues

Applications take long to startup because of the Clojure bootstrap

Idiomatic Clojure code is slow.  The functional nature of Clojure
forces the DalvikVM to spend a lot of time on garbage collection.

(c) 2009 R.W. van 't Veer