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;;; rails-ui.el --- emacs-rails user interface
;; Copyright (C) 2006 Dmitry Galinsky <dima dot exe at gmail dot com>
;; Authors: Dmitry Galinsky <dima dot exe at gmail dot com>,
;; Rezikov Peter <crazypit13 (at)>
;; Keywords: ruby rails languages oop
;; $URL$
;; $Id$
;;; License
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
;; modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
;; as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
;; of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
;; Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
;;;;;;;;;; Some init code ;;;;;;;;;;
(defconst rails-minor-mode-log-menu-bar-map
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
(define-keys map
([test] '("test.log" . rails-log:open-test))
([pro] '("production.log" . rails-log:open-production))
([dev] '("development.log" . rails-log:open-development))
([separator] '("---"))
([open] '("Open Log File..." . rails-log:open)))
(defconst rails-minor-mode-config-menu-bar-map
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
(define-keys map
([routes] '("routes.rb" .
(lambda () (interactive)
(rails-core:find-file "config/routes.rb"))))
([environment] '("environment.rb" .
(lambda() (interactive)
(rails-core:find-file "config/environment.rb"))))
([database] '("database.yml" .
(lambda() (interactive)
(rails-core:find-file "config/database.yml"))))
([boot] '("boot.rb" .
(lambda() (interactive)
(rails-core:find-file "config/boot.rb"))))
([env] (cons "environments" (make-sparse-keymap "environments")))
([env test] '("test.rb" .
(lambda() (interactive)
(rails-core:find-file "config/environments/test.rb"))))
([env production] '("production.rb" .
(lambda() (interactive)
(rails-core:find-file "config/environments/production.rb"))))
([env development] '("development.rb" .
(rails-core:find-file "config/environments/development.rb")))))
(defconst rails-minor-mode-nav-menu-bar-map
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
(define-keys map
([goto-fixtures] '("Go to Fixtures" . rails-nav:goto-fixtures))
([goto-plugins] '("Go to Plugins" . rails-nav:goto-plugins))
([goto-migrate] '("Go to Migrations" . rails-nav:goto-migrate))
([goto-layouts] '("Go to Layouts" . rails-nav:goto-layouts))
([goto-stylesheets] '("Go to Stylesheets" . rails-nav:goto-stylesheets))
([goto-javascripts] '("Go to Javascripts" . rails-nav:goto-javascripts))
([goto-helpers] '("Go to Helpers" . rails-nav:goto-helpers))
([goto-mailers] '("Go to Mailers" . rails-nav:goto-mailers))
([goto-observers] '("Go to Observers" . rails-nav:goto-observers))
([goto-unit-tests] '("Go to Unit Tests" . rails-nav:goto-unit-tests))
([goto-func-tests] '("Go to Functional Tests" . rails-nav:goto-functional-tests))
([goto-models] '("Go to Models" . rails-nav:goto-models))
([goto-controllers] '("Go to Controllers" . rails-nav:goto-controllers))
([goto-rspec-controllers] '("Go to RSpec Controllers" . rails-nav:goto-rspec-controllers))
([goto-rspec-lib] '("Go to RSpec Lib" . rails-nav:goto-rspec-lib))
([goto-rspec-models] '("Go to RSpec Models" . rails-nav:goto-rspec-models))
([goto-rspec-fixtures] '("Go to RSpec Fixtures" . rails-nav:goto-rspec-fixtures)))
(defconst rails-minor-mode-tests-menu-bar-map
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
(define-keys map
([kill-current] '(menu-item "Kill Test" rails-script:kill-script :enable (rails-script:running-p)))
([separator0] '("--"))
([integration] '("Integration Tests" . rails-test:run-integration))
([unit] '("Unit Tests" . rails-test:run-units))
([functional] '("Functional Tests" . rails-test:run-functionals))
([recent] '("Recent Tests" . rails-test:run-recent))
([tests] '("All" . rails-test:run-all))
([separator1] '("--"))
([toggle] '(menu-item "Toggle Output Window" rails-script:toggle-output-window
:enable (get-buffer rails-script:buffer-name)))
([run-current] '("Test Current Model/Controller/Mailer" . rails-test:run-current))
([run] '("Run Tests ..." . rails-test:run)))
(defconst rails-minor-mode-db-menu-bar-map
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
(define-keys map
([clone-db] '("Clone Development DB to Test DB" . rails-rake:clone-development-db-to-test-db))
([load-schema] '("Load schema.rb to DB" . (lambda() (interactive) (rails-rake:task "db:schema:load"))))
([dump-schema] '("Dump DB to schema.rb" . (lambda() (interactive) (rails-rake:task "db:schema:dump"))))
([sep] '("--"))
([prev] '("Migrate to Previous Version" . rails-rake:migrate-to-prev-version))
([version] '("Migrate to Version ..." . rails-rake:migrate-to-version))
([migrate] '("Migrate" . rails-rake:migrate)))
(define-keys rails-minor-mode-menu-bar-map
([rails] (cons "RoR" (make-sparse-keymap "RubyOnRails")))
([rails rails-customize] '("Customize" . (lambda () (interactive) (customize-group 'rails))))
([rails separator0] '("--"))
([rails scm-status] '("SCM Status" . rails-scm-status-into-root))
([rails api-doc] '("Rails API Doc at Point" . rails-browse-api-at-point))
([rails sql] '("SQL Rails Buffer" . rails-run-sql))
([rails tag] '("Update TAGS File" . rails-create-tags))
([rails ri] '("Search Documentation" . rails-search-doc))
([rails goto-file-by-line] '("Go to File by Line" . rails-goto-file-on-current-line))
([rails switch-file-menu] '("Switch file Menu..." . rails-lib:run-secondary-switch))
([rails switch-file] '("Switch File" . rails-lib:run-primary-switch))
([rails separator1] '("--"))
([rails scr] (cons "Scripts" (make-sparse-keymap "Scripts")))
([rails scr kill] '(menu-item "Kill current script" rails-script:kill-script :enable (rails-script:running-p)))
([rails scr separator] '("--"))
([rails scr gen] (cons "Generate" (make-sparse-keymap "Generate")))
([rails scr destr] (cons "Destroy" (make-sparse-keymap "Generators")))
([rails scr destr resource] '("Resource" . rails-script:destroy-resource))
([rails scr destr observer] '("Observer" . rails-script:destroy-observer))
([rails scr destr mailer] '("Mailer" . rails-script:destroy-mailer))
([rails scr destr plugin] '("Plugin" . rails-script:destroy-plugin))
([rails scr destr migration] '("Migration" . rails-script:destroy-migration))
([rails scr destr scaffold] '("Scaffold" . rails-script:destroy-scaffold))
([rails scr destr model] '("Model" . rails-script:destroy-model))
([rails scr destr controller] '("Controller" . rails-script:destroy-controller))
([rails scr destr separator] '("--"))
([rails scr destr run] '("Run Destroy ..." . rails-script:destroy))
([rails scr gen resource] '("Resource" . rails-script:generate-resource))
([rails scr gen observer] '("Observer" . rails-script:generate-observer))
([rails scr gen mailer] '("Mailer" . rails-script:generate-mailer))
([rails scr gen plugin] '("Plugin" . rails-script:generate-plugin))
([rails scr gen migration] '("Migration" . rails-script:generate-migration))
([rails scr gen scaffold] '("Scaffold" . rails-script:generate-scaffold))
([rails scr gen model] '("Model" . rails-script:generate-model))
([rails scr gen controller] '("Controller" . rails-script:generate-controller))
([rails scr gen separator] '("--"))
([rails scr gen run] '("Run Generate ..." . rails-script:generate))
([rails scr break] '("Breakpointer" . rails-script:breakpointer))
([rails scr console] '("Console" . rails-script:console))
([rails scr rake] '("Rake..." . rails-rake:task))
([rails nav] (cons "Navigation" rails-minor-mode-nav-menu-bar-map))
([rails config] (cons "Configuration" rails-minor-mode-config-menu-bar-map))
([rails log] (cons "Log Files" rails-minor-mode-log-menu-bar-map))
([rails ws] (cons "WebServer" (make-sparse-keymap "WebServer")))
([rails ws use-webrick] '(menu-item "Use WEBrick" (lambda() (interactive)
(rails-ws:switch-default-server-type "webrick"))
:button (:toggle . (rails-ws:default-server-type-p "webrick"))))
([rails ws use-lighttpd] '(menu-item "Use Lighty" (lambda() (interactive)
(rails-ws:switch-default-server-type "lighttpd"))
:button (:toggle . (rails-ws:default-server-type-p "lighttpd"))))
([rails ws use-mongrel] '(menu-item "Use Mongrel" (lambda() (interactive)
(rails-ws:switch-default-server-type "mongrel"))
:button (:toggle . (rails-ws:default-server-type-p "mongrel"))))
([rails ws use-thin] '(menu-item "Use Thin" (lambda() (interactive)
(rails-ws:switch-default-server-type "thin"))
:button (:toggle . (rails-ws:default-server-type-p "thin"))))
([rails ws separator] '("--"))
([rails ws brows] '(menu-item "Open Browser..." rails-ws:open-browser-on-controller
:enable (rails-ws:running-p)))
([rails ws auto-brows] '(menu-item "Open Browser on Current Action" rails-ws:auto-open-browser
:enable (rails-ws:running-p)))
([rails ws url] '(menu-item "Open Browser" rails-ws:open-browser
:enable (rails-ws:running-p)))
([rails ws separator2] '("--"))
([rails ws test] '(menu-item "Start Test" rails-ws:start-test
:enable (not (rails-ws:running-p))))
([rails ws production] '(menu-item "Start Production" rails-ws:start-production
:enable (not (rails-ws:running-p))))
([rails ws development] '(menu-item "Start Development" rails-ws:start-development
:enable (not (rails-ws:running-p))))
([rails ws separator3] '("--"))
([rails ws status] '(menu-item "Print Status" rails-ws:print-status))
([rails ws default] '(menu-item "Start/Stop Web Server (With Default Environment)" rails-ws:toggle-start-stop))
(defcustom rails-minor-mode-local-prefix-key "\C-c ,"
"Key prefix for rails commands that depend on current file (controller, migration etc.)."
:group 'rails)
(defmacro rails-local-key (key)
`(kbd ,(concat rails-minor-mode-local-prefix-key " " key)))
(defcustom rails-minor-mode-global-prefix-key "\C-c , ,"
"Key following `rails-minor-mode-prefix-key` prefixing global rails-mode commands."
:group 'rails)
(defmacro rails-global-key (key)
`(kbd ,(concat rails-minor-mode-global-prefix-key " " key)))
(defconst rails-minor-mode-test-current-method-key (rails-global-key ", ,"))
(defvar rails-minor-mode-map
(define-keys rails-minor-mode-map
([menu-bar] rails-minor-mode-menu-bar-map)
([menu-bar rails-tests] (cons "Tests" rails-minor-mode-tests-menu-bar-map))
([menu-bar rails-db] (cons "Database" rails-minor-mode-db-menu-bar-map))
;; Goto
((rails-global-key "g m") 'rails-nav:goto-models)
((rails-global-key "g c") 'rails-nav:goto-controllers)
((rails-global-key "g o") 'rails-nav:goto-observers)
((rails-global-key "g n") 'rails-nav:goto-mailers)
((rails-global-key "g h") 'rails-nav:goto-helpers)
((rails-global-key "g l") 'rails-nav:goto-layouts)
((rails-global-key "g s") 'rails-nav:goto-stylesheets)
((rails-global-key "g j") 'rails-nav:goto-javascripts)
((rails-global-key "g g") 'rails-nav:goto-migrate)
((rails-global-key "g p") 'rails-nav:goto-plugins)
((rails-global-key "g x") 'rails-nav:goto-fixtures)
((rails-global-key "g f") 'rails-nav:goto-functional-tests)
((rails-global-key "g u") 'rails-nav:goto-unit-tests)
((rails-global-key "g r c") 'rails-nav:goto-rspec-controllers)
((rails-global-key "g r f") 'rails-nav:goto-rspec-fixtures)
((rails-global-key "g r l") 'rails-nav:goto-rspec-lib)
((rails-global-key "g r m") 'rails-nav:goto-rspec-models)
;; Switch
((kbd "<M-S-up>") 'rails-lib:run-primary-switch)
((kbd "<M-S-down>") 'rails-lib:run-secondary-switch)
((rails-global-key "<up>") 'rails-lib:run-primary-switch)
((rails-global-key "<down>") 'rails-lib:run-secondary-switch)
((rails-global-key "<return>") 'rails-goto-file-on-current-line)
;; Scripts & SQL
((rails-global-key "k") 'rails-script:kill-script)
((rails-global-key "e") 'rails-script:generate)
((rails-global-key "x") 'rails-script:destroy)
((rails-global-key "s c") 'rails-script:console)
((kbd "C-c C-s") 'rails-script:console)
((kbd "C-c C-z") 'rails-script:console)
((rails-global-key "s b") 'rails-script:breakpointer)
((rails-global-key "s s") 'rails-run-sql)
((rails-global-key "w s") 'rails-ws:toggle-start-stop)
((rails-global-key "w d") 'rails-ws:start-development)
((rails-global-key "w p") 'rails-ws:start-production)
((rails-global-key "w t") 'rails-ws:start-test)
((rails-global-key "w i") 'rails-ws:print-status)
((rails-global-key "w a") 'rails-ws:auto-open-browser)
;; Rails finds
((rails-global-key "f m") 'rails-find:models)
((rails-global-key "f c") 'rails-find:controller)
((rails-global-key "f h") 'rails-find:helpers)
((rails-global-key "f l") 'rails-find:layout)
((rails-global-key "f s") 'rails-find:stylesheets)
((rails-global-key "f j") 'rails-find:javascripts)
((rails-global-key "f g") 'rails-find:migrate)
((rails-global-key "f b") 'rails-find:lib)
((rails-global-key "f t") 'rails-find:tasks)
((rails-global-key "f v") 'rails-find:view)
((rails-global-key "f d") 'rails-find:db)
((rails-global-key "f p") 'rails-find:public)
((rails-global-key "f f") 'rails-find:fixtures)
((rails-global-key "f o") 'rails-find:config)
;; Spec finds
((rails-global-key "f r s") 'rails-find:spec)
((rails-global-key "f r c") 'rails-find:spec-controllers)
((rails-global-key "f r m") 'rails-find:spec-models)
((rails-global-key "f r h") 'rails-find:spec-helpers)
((rails-global-key "f r v") 'rails-find:spec-views)
((rails-global-key "f r f") 'rails-find:spec-fixtures)
((rails-global-key "d m") 'rails-rake:migrate)
((rails-global-key "d v") 'rails-rake:migrate-to-version)
((rails-global-key "d p") 'rails-rake:migrate-to-prev-version)
((rails-global-key "d u") 'rails-rake:migration-version-up)
((rails-global-key "d d") 'rails-rake:migration-version-down)
((rails-global-key "d t") 'rails-rake:clone-development-db-to-test-db)
;; Tests
((rails-global-key "r") 'rails-rake:task)
((rails-global-key "t") 'rails-test:run)
((rails-global-key ".") 'rails-test:run-current)
((rails-global-key "/") 'rails-test:rerun-single)
((rails-global-key "y i") 'rails-test:run-integration)
((rails-global-key "y u") 'rails-test:run-units)
((rails-global-key "y f") 'rails-test:run-functionals)
((rails-global-key "#") 'rails-test:run-recent)
((rails-global-key "y a") 'rails-test:run-all)
;; RSpec
((rails-global-key "z f") 'rails-spec:run-files)
((rails-global-key "z .") 'rails-spec:run-current)
((rails-global-key "z a") 'rails-spec:run-all)
((rails-global-key "z l") 'rails-spec:run-last)
((rails-global-key "z s") 'rails-spec:run-this-spec)
;; Log files
((rails-global-key "l") 'rails-log:open)
((rails-global-key "o t") 'rails-log:open-test)
((rails-global-key "o p") 'rails-log:open-production)
((rails-global-key "o d") 'rails-log:open-development)
;; Tags
((rails-global-key "\C-t") 'rails-create-tags)
;; Documentation
((rails-global-key "/") 'rails-script:toggle-output-window)
;; Other
((rails-global-key "s") 'rails-grep-project)
((rails-global-key "C-M-z") 'rails-shell)
((rails-global-key "M-z") 'rails-shell)
([f9] 'rails-scm-status-into-root))
;; Global keys and menubar
(global-set-key (rails-global-key "j") 'rails-script:create-project)
(when-bind (map (lookup-key global-map [menu-bar file]))
'("Create Rails Project" . rails-script:create-project) 'insert-file))
;; mode-line info
(defvar rails-ui:mode-line-script-name ""
"A short name for the currently running script")
(defvar rails-ui:num-errors 0
"Number of errors in the latest test task.")
(defvar rails-ui:num-failures 0
"Number of failures in the latest test task.")
(defvar rails-ui:num-ok 0
"Number of tests in the latest test task.")
(defun rails-ui:reset-error-count ()
"Reset number of tests/errors/failures to 0."
(setq rails-ui:num-ok 0
rails-ui:num-errors 0
rails-ui:num-failures 0))
(defvar rails-ui:mode-line '(:propertize (" " rails-ui:mode-line-script-string rails-ui:mode-line-test-results))
"`rails-mode''s mode-line construct")
(put 'rails-ui:mode-line 'risky-local-variable t)
(defvar rails-ui:idle-script-line (propertize "idle"
'help-echo "No script running.\nmouse-1: toggle output window"
'mouse-face 'mode-line-highlight
'local-map '(keymap (mode-line keymap
(mouse-1 . rails-script:toggle-output-window)))))
(defvar rails-ui:mode-line-script-string
'(:eval (if (rails-script:running-p)
(propertize rails-ui:mode-line-script-name
'help-echo (concat "running "
"\nmouse-1: toggle output window\nmouse-2: kill script")
'face 'bold
'mouse-face 'mode-line-highlight
'local-map '(keymap (mode-line keymap
(mouse-1 . rails-script:toggle-output-window))
(mouse-2 . rails-script:kill-script)))
(put 'rails-ui:mode-line-script-string 'risky-local-variable t)
(defcustom rails-ui:show-mode-line
"Show test and script status in the mode-line"
:type 'boolean
:group 'rails
:tag "Rails show mode line")
(defvar rails-ui:mode-line-test-results
(let ((results (propertize
(format "%dE%dF%d" rails-ui:num-ok rails-ui:num-errors rails-ui:num-failures)
'help-echo (format "%d Tests, %d Errors, %d Failures."
(if (> (+ rails-ui:num-errors rails-ui:num-failures) 0)
(setq results (propertize results 'face 'compilation-error)))
(concat " [" results "]"))))
(put 'rails-ui:mode-line-test-results 'risky-local-variable t)
(defun rails-ui:enable-mode-line ()
"Add the rails mode-line to the global mode-string."
(unless (memq 'rails-ui:mode-line global-mode-string)
(setq global-mode-string
(append global-mode-string '(rails-ui:mode-line)))))
(defun rails-ui:disable-mode-line ()
"Remove the rails mode-line from the global mode-string."
(setq global-mode-string
(remove 'rails-ui:mode-line global-mode-string)))
(add-hook 'rails-minor-mode-hook (lambda ()
(if rails-ui:show-mode-line
(provide 'rails-ui)