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EXIF Reader 1.2.5
* bug fix; "[GH#46] Having stringified methods is not a good idea"; thanks Filipe Costa
* bug fix; "Fix typo in subsec_time_original key"; thanks Filipe Costa
EXIF Reader 1.2.4
* bug fix; "[GH#43] Fix `respond_to?` signature"; thanks Pete Johns
EXIF Reader
* bug fix; "[GH#41] gopro_hd2.exif is not included in the gem"; thanks Peter Wilmott
EXIF Reader 1.2.3
* bug fix; "[GH#40] Handle NUL-terminated ASCII strings"; thanks Malte Rohde
EXIF Reader 1.2.2
* bug fix; "use Reader delegator instead of adding method to File instance"; thanks Ivan Kuchin
EXIF Reader 1.2.1
* bug fix: Value of infinity yields division by zero error
EXIF Reader 1.2.0
* enhancement; "log warnings when EXIF data is malformed"
* enhancement; "allow alternative Time adapter"
* enhancement; "[GH#33] add reader for orientation type"; thanks Damir Svrtan
EXIF Reader 1.1.3
* bug fix; "[GH#27] some error when :shutter_speed_value is too big"; thanks to zamia
EXIF Reader 1.1.2
* bug fix; "[GH#25] Incorrect values being extracted for a number of fields"; thanks to Matthew McEachen
EXIF Reader 1.1.1
* feature; "added gps convenience method to make accessing location data easier (degrees to float conversion)"
* bug fix; "[GH#22] Fix warnings about uninitialized @comment"; thanks to Ryan Greenberg"
EXIF Reader 1.0.6
* bug fix: "[GH#20] `readlong': undefined method `unpack' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)"
EXIF Reader 1.0.5
* bug fix: "[GH#19] files opened by TIFF initialize were not being closed"; thanks to Joe Van Overberghe
EXIF Reader 1.0.4
* bug fix: "[GH#17] avoid library search path pollution"
* enhancement: "[GH#18] add EXIFR::JPEG#app1s method"
EXIF Reader 1.0.3
* enhancement; "raise specific exception to allow better error handling"; thanks to James Miller
EXIF Reader 1.0.2
* bug fix; "[GH#9/12] no block given"; thanks to Ian Leitch
EXIF Reader 1.0.1
* bug fix; "[GH#7] Unable to properly display exposure_bias_value"; thanks to John Krueger
EXIF Reader 1.0.0
* bug fix; "ArgumentError: invalid byte sequence in UTF-8" when reading messy field using Ruby 1.9+
* enhancement; "[GH#4] more informative inspect for EXIFR::TIFF::Orientation instance"
* bug fix; "[GH#6] ERROR RuntimeError: can't add a new key into hash during iteration"; thanks to KISHIMOTO, Makoto
EXIF Reader 0.10.9
* bug fix; "[GH#1] user_comment returns nil for jpeg with UserComment"; thanks to Mark Lundquist
* bug fix; "[GH#2] Nil pointer in tiff.rb"
* enhancement; "don't read entire files into memory"; thanks to Victor Bogado
EXIF Reader 0.10.8
* feature request; "[#23694] The object interface of JPEG is different from the TIFF one."
EXIF Reader 0.10.7
* bug fix; "[#22403] Wrong file size reported"
EXIF Reader
* moved to GitHub
EXIF Reader 0.10.6
* bug fix (thanks to Forian Munz for reporting it); endless loop when reading a malformed EXIF/TIFF
EXIF Reader 0.10.5
* bug fix; "[#15421] duplicate orientation field behavior", first field (of any type) is leading now
* Ruby 1.9 compatible
EXIF Reader 0.10.4
* Thumbnail extraction; [#15317] Please add thumbnail extraction
EXIF Reader 0.10.3
* YAML friendly; can now safely (de)serialize
EXIF Reader 0.10.2
* bug fix (thanks to Alexander Staubo for providing me with sample data);
don't fail on out-of-range IFD offsets for Apple Aperture generated JPGs
EXIF Reader 0.10.1
* old style exif access
EXIF Reader 0.10
* TIFF support
EXIF Reader 0.9.6
* bug fix; "[#8458] Conversion from string to Time fails", weird dates will now reflect nil
EXIF Reader
* make tinderbox happy by hiding rcov task
EXIF Reader 0.9.5
* patch calls to jpeg through to exif, i.e. jpeg., i.e. jpeg.model == jpeg.exif.model
* fix exifr commandline utility, needs require 'exifr' now
* improve test helper
* reduce size of test images
* include tests for tinderbox
EXIF Reader 0.9.4
* bug fix (thanks to Benjamin Storrier for providing me with sample date);
multiple app1 frames will potentially overwrite EXIF tag
EXIF Reader 0.9.3
* bug fix; "[#4876] Unable to extract gpsinfo"
* one-off bug in TiffHeader found and fixed
* make "InteroperabilityIndex" available
EXIF Reader 0.9.2
* bug fix; "[#4595] EXIFR::JPEG doesn't support multiple comments", the
comment property of a JPEG object now contains an array instead of a string
when multiple COM frames are found
* EXIF orientation modules including RMagick code to rotate to viewable state
* access to thumbnail included in EXIF
* simple commandline utility, "exifr", to view image properties
* overall code improvements including documentation and tests
EXIF Reader 0.9.1
* bug fix; "4321 Can't create object", division by zero when
denominator of rational value is zero
EXIF Reader 0.9
* 1st release