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Collection of hacks and demos showing capability of HTML5 apps
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HTML5 Demos and Examples

A collection of HTML5 experiments I've created, now open source and on GitHub, so please go ahead and help me hack this resource in to a wealth of demos that other authors can learn from.


  • If a user can hit view source on the demo, then we've done our job
  • Where possible browser support should be named (FF3.5, etc)
  • All content is open source and content is Creative Commons Share Alike 2.0
  • Individual demos, if authored by someone other than @rem can be credited as appropriate

Creating new demos

If the demo should take the default style - currently grey and dull - but it keeps the focus on the code ;) then follow these instructions. Otherwise, simply create the file in the root directory calling it [yourdemo].html and include it in the index.php.

Instructions to creating a new demo:

  • Create a .html in the /demos directory
  • Use the following template (also a sample in /demos/template.html):
<title><!-- Title of your demo, note this appears in the document title prefixed with "HTML5 Demo:" --></title>
<style>/** any custom styles live here **/</style>
<article><!-- any demo markup here --></article>
// your JavaScript
  • When requesting the demo, use[yourdemo] and page.php will top and tail your page
  • Any additional JavaScript libraries should be stored in the /js directory, assets, such as video and audio live in the /assets directory.

That should be it.

By submitting any code, you're also agreeing that your code is covered by the MIT-LICENSE that this project is covered by, and all content is covered by Creative Commons Share Alike 2.0 - as is all of this project: it's all about sharing baby!


Demos Required

  • Microdata
  • SVG
  • More audio and video demos
  • More introductions to canvas
  • More event based stuff
  • WebSockets (@rem - have a demo ready, but not the server side)


  • Clearer versioning on the demos, rather than "All bar Opera", should include last version to support feature, i.e. Opera 10.10b, Chrome 4 dev, Safari 4.0, etc.
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