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fixed viaon and vialistener being the wrong way around

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commit 9a3d97b8d572562b9771e5fc7fb43a4a14a0e625 1 parent 6f32932
@remy authored
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4 demos/offline-events.html
@@ -11,8 +11,8 @@
<p>Test required here: File -> Work Offline - toggle the value and there <em>should</em> be three list items notifying of online and offline.</p>
<li>via body "on" events: <span id="viabody"></span></li>
- <li>via window "on" events: <span id="vialistener"></span></li>
- <li>via window.addEventListener: <span id="viaon"></span></li>
+ <li>via window "on" events: <span id="viaon"></span></li>
+ <li>via window.addEventListener: <span id="vialistener"></span></li>
<p>Note that the test shows that <code>window.ononline</code> and <code>window.onoffline</code> doesn't work (which I thought I had read in the specs somewhere...).</p>
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