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Shift + up/down does not work in Chrome 11 #22

sahat opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Shift + up/down shortcut does not work in my portable version of Chrome 11.0.696.65 as well as Chrome 12 Beta.

Although it works without any issues in Portable Firefox 4.0 and Internet Explorer 8.


I’ve reported this (via Twitter) right after launched. Any chance of getting this fixed? I wouldn’t mind using a different keyboard shortcut if that made it work cross-browser.

Meanwhile, here’s a small user-script to automatically enable the large version: (click the “raw” link to install)

@remy remy added a commit that closed this issue
@remy Automatically hide the info footer bar and adding experimental (i.e. …
…just whacked it in and didn't test the crap out of it) support for shift+up/down for chrome/webkit. Closes #22
@remy remy closed this in bfff167
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