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Remy's Libraries

This is a dumping ground for little libraries that I've written that serve a specific purpose, but don't weigh in big enough (in my eyes) to warrant an entire github repo.

The aim will be to include documentation for each either here or in a [library].md file.

events.js / Events

Only tested in Chrome & IE7, but I have a simple event "on", "fire" system that works but also supports custom events and bubbling.


var links = document.getElementsByTagName('a');

ev(links).on('click', function () {

ev(links).on('remy', function (event) {
  alert('a custom event fired: ' + event.type);

bind.js / Data Binding

bind.js used to live here, but I've moved it to it's own repo:

xhr.js / XHR

Basic XHR with JSON and error handling.


var xhr = get('/status', function (err, status) {
    if (err) {
        // something went wrong
    console.log('The current status is: ' + status);