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Editing a linked module crashes "app" #279

simme opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I work a lot with linked modules (using npm link). Before 1.0 there were no problems with running nodemon in a "root project" that used linked projects. But now when I make an edit in another module nodemon spits out:

[nodemon] app crashed - waiting for file changes before starting...

Is it possible to make nodemon monitor these changes the same way it monitors "regular files"? Is it due to symlinks?


Sorry, it actually seems to be related to running nodemon on a module using cluster!


Sorry, is this a bug with nodemon that you're reporting or something else? If it's a bug, can you provide some more info on how to replicate the issue? Cheers.


Sorry for being unclear.

I am running $ nodemon index.js, index.js uses the cluster-master module by Isaacs to cluster the actual server found in server.js.

Many of the modules used in server.js are linked to node_modules from other places on my computer using npm link. When I edit one of those modules nodemon will say that the app has crashed and it's waiting for changes before trying again.

If I run $ nodemon server.js, without clustering, and edit one of the linked modules it restarts just fine.

So there seems to be some issue with clustering. And I see that there are a few other issues mentioning issues with clusters. I apologize for the sloppy issue. Should've investigated a little bit more first. Hope this makes my issue clearer. And feel free to just close if it's actually a duplicate issue! :)


I'm also having an issue with clustering. The cluster master will be restarted by nodemon on the first edit, but never again after that.

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