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I'm using node v0.6.10 on Windows 7 and I can't get nodemon to reload all my files. It seems to ignore everything other than my .jade files. It's certainly not reloading .js files.

What have I got configured incorrectly?


You do, and this is a bug in node that's causing this behaviour (I'm closing this as it's a dupe of an existing bug on nodemon where I'm tracking the issue #59) - here's the filed bug against node

@remy remy closed this Feb 12, 2012

So if I wait an hour then nodemon would notice the change? How comes it works with .jade files then?

Is there anything I can do to get this work?


Sorry, are you saying it does work correctly with . jade files? If so that might well be a clue in to fixing this issue.

Re: an hour - it sucks. I might be able to write a hack that works around the bug (try to detect the hour shift issue). I'll push the hack as soon as I've given a decent test.


"It seems to ignore everything other than my .jade files."

Yes. It appears to work ok with .jade files which is why I assumed that this was a configuration issue.


I've just tested this again.

.css files refresh as expected
.jade files refresh as expected

.js files DO NOT refresh as expected

Perhaps it's not nodemon doing the refresh of the .css and .jade files. Perhaps that express/node/stylus doing that.


Ah sorry - I misunderstood. You're not saying that nodemon restarted with changes to .jade. The fact that your server is sending you the changes is because it's just re-reading them from disk (IIRC this is compiled if in production mode).

What's important is that the nodemon restarts your process when .js files are changed - and this is what's failing - so yes, this is a dupe of #59


My fault. I should have explained better. nodemon is not restarting for any file changes.

I agree. This is a dupe.

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