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nodemon [options] [script.js] [args]


short long description
-e --ext extensions to look for, ie. js,jade,hbs.
-x --exec app execute script with "app", ie. -x "python -v".
-w --watch watch directory "dir" or files. use once for each directory or file to watch.
-i --ignore ignore specific files or directories.
-q --quiet minimise nodemon messages to start/stop only.
-V --verbose show detail on what is causing restarts.
-I --no-stdin don't try to read from stdin.
-d --delay n throttle restart for "n" milliseconds.
--exitcrash exit on crash, allows use of nodemon with daemon tools like forever.js.
-v --version current nodemon version.
-h --help this help.
--help help on a specific feature. Try "--help topics".
-- to tell nodemon stop slurping arguments.

Note: if the script is omitted, nodemon will try to read "main" from package.json and without a nodemon.json, nodemon will monitor .js, .coffee, and .litcoffee by default.

To learn more about nodemon.json config: nodemon --help config


$ nodemon server.js
$ nodemon -w ../foo server.js apparg1 apparg2
$ PORT=8000 nodemon --debug-brk server.js
$ nodemon --exec python app.py
$ nodemon --exec "make build" -e "styl hbs"
$ nodemon app.js -- -V

For more details see http://github.com/remy/nodemon/