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A single resource for the best approach to password policies from all the great minds across the web
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An attempt to create a single entry point for creating password policies.

Aim of this project

  • Provide information to developers as to what a good password policy is.
  • Possibly provide different language implementations with password policy check, allowing lazy developer to gain quick win status.
  • Single page web site with all information contained.
  • Possibly include live password validation example (js based).
  • Page includes list of rules (like allow spaces or deny something else) and if possible, why.
  • Section on how to encode passwords in a database (perhaps libraries should include this too)
  • Fancy logo to promote? I'm not sure, but some folk like that kind of stuff.


I've initially put 1 year of hosting in place, it's just shy of $3. Once the page is up, if you want to donate, please drop me a paypal donation (to remy at remysharp) with the number of years you want to cover. I'm happy to host on my hosting platform (unless someone wants to take over).


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