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Better Twitter search. Find it at snapbird.org.

Running locally

Snapbird requires:

To run locally, first clone the repository:

$ git clone git://github.com/remy/snapbird.git
$ cd snapbird

Then install dependencies:

$ npm install

There are then a couple of options on how to run Snapbird:

Without foreman

The simplest way is to start Snapbird with node, but you must first set up Snapbird's configuration.

You can do this with a config.json file, or by passing the required config as environment variables.

With config.json, add your Twitter information:

  "TWITTER_ID": "abc123xyz789",
  "TWITTER_SECRET": "abc123xyz789abc123xyz789abc123xyz789"

and start with node:

$ node app.js

Or, with environment variables:

$ TWITTER_ID=MkLBRXtxgNdpvTV80Irg TWITTER_SECRET=eWFA0tf9lJglrHs1911dXqqnkCyFVzbSwDQIDTBd7s0 node app.js

The former method is recommended.

With foreman

If you have heroku's toolbelt installed then you can use foreman to start Snapbird.

To store your configuration, add a file called .env:


Then start with foreman:

$ foreman start


MIT http://rem.mit-license.org