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Add arrow indicators back in to the computed styles section

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1 parent 9935d77 commit 4fd463d7e6aa0fc548b800f958a4fa5d1fe7f0aa Remy Bach committed Nov 22, 2012
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@@ -339,12 +339,6 @@ table .webkit-line-content .outline-disclosure li.parent::before,
table .webkit-line-content .styles-section.matched-styles .properties li.parent .expand-element {
content: url(chrome-devtools://devtools/Images/treeRightTriangleWhite.png) !important;
-#-webkit-web-inspector .styles-section .properties li.parent::before,
-table .webkit-line-content .styles-section .properties li.parent::before,
-#-webkit-web-inspector .styles-section .properties li.parent.expanded::before,
-table .webkit-line-content .styles-section .properties li.parent.expanded::before {
- content: none !important;
#-webkit-web-inspector .styles-section.matched-styles .properties li.parent .expand-element,
table .webkit-line-content .styles-section.matched-styles .properties li.parent .expand-element {
margin-right: 1px !important;

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